Simplify author submission, streamline structuring, cleaning, validation and review
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Review Process

Optimize Pre-Publishing

  • ReviewSkoler streamlines the review stage of book or journal publishing, making it stress-free for authors to receive and process feedback.
  • The platform offers an intuitive interface for submitting and reviewing work, streamlining collaborative document editing between authors and reviewers.
  • This makes the review process more resourceful and productive, helping authors to navigate multiple comments and suggestions with ease.

Streamlined Process

Simplify Document Submission

  • The most significant obstacle during author submission and review process is presenting the document for assessment.
  • ReviewSkoler simplifies document submission for review by providing a straightforward process including document cleaning and validation.
  • This ensures that your document is received in the correct format and ready for review.

Plagiarism-Free Process

Ensures Simplified Document

  • ReviewSkoler offers solutions to the challenges faced in document review.
  • Features such as document structuring, cleaning, and validation help the document is error-free, thus simplifying the review process.
  • The platform also offers a powerful plagiarism check to ensure originality and avoid copyright concerns.
  • With ReviewSkoler, authors can be confident that their documents are impeccable, organized, and plagiarism-free.

End-to-End Review Process

Effective Communication and Feedback

  • ReviewSkoler facilitates effective feedback and communication between authors and reviewers by providing real-time comments and discussion threads.
  • The platform streamlines the end-to-end review process, from document submission to final review and feedback, making it more efficient and productive for all parties involved.
  • ReviewSkoler ensures high-quality and error-free work.