Collaborative author proofing provides us with the advantage of producing rapid-multichannel output in a cost- and time-effective manner
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Streamlined Proofing

Collaborative Proofing Made Easy

  • ProofSkoler is an advanced platform that simplifies the proofing process for writers and publishers.
  • ProofSkoler allows multiple authors and editors to collaborate on the same document simultaneously with the help of its collaborative and intuitive author proofing feature. This results in faster and more accurate proofing while also saving costs.
  • Proofing is an essential step, so it’s important to ensure that it’s done to the best possible standard.

Forget the Risk

Layout-Related Errors

  • By simplifying the proofing process, ProofSkoler improves the quality of the final product while also saving manual effort, time, and resources.
  • By providing on-the-fly proof pagination, ProofSkoler’s intelligent paging engine allows authors to proof their work in the final format, reducing the likelihood of layout-related errors that can be challenging to correct at a later stage.

Intuitive ProofSkoler

Tailor Your Proofing Process

  • ProofSkoler’s user-friendly interface and simple layout features make it an ideal platform for writers and publishers who prefer a straightforward proofing platform without the need for extensive training.
  • ProofSkoler provides complete flexibility to authors and publishers, allowing them to customize the proofing process to meet their specific needs and achieve their desired outcomes.

High-Quality Results

Customize Your Proofing Process

  • Effective writing and publishing necessitate proofing since every writing style and demand is distinct.
  • ProofSkoler allows users to define and apply specific proofing rules, including font styles and margins, to ensure the final document meets the exact specifications.
  • Additionally, the platform performs inconsistency checks to ensure high-quality results.

Why ProofSkoler?

Complete Proofing Solution

  • ProofSkoler is a comprehensive and cost-effective solution for authors and publishers seeking to streamline their proofing process.
  • With its proficient proofing mechanism, adaptable characteristics, and easy-to-use interface, ProofSkoler is an inventive resolution.
  • By ensuring the quality and accuracy of the final product, ProofSkoler provides a complete proofing solution.