On-the-fly pagination module for comprehensive page structuring
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Paginate on the Go!

Efficient Content Alignment

  • Our Page engine implies dividing an outsized dataset into smaller, more manageable parts or pages that can be gradually retrieved and displayed.
  • PageSkoler’s key feature is its real-time paginated output technology that automatically updates pagination while you type. This eliminates the need for manual pagination and saves you time and effort.

Intuitive Layout

Effortlessly Create Accurate Pagination

  • PageSkoler simplifies the process of creating professional and precise pagination for collaborative documents with its user-friendly layout features.
  • By enabling the use of custom layout rules, Page Skoler generates immaculate documents, saving you time in the process.
  • Users have complete control over the final product’s customization, including margin width, page size, font size, and style.

Uncomplicate the complicated

Comprehensive and Customizable

  • Pagination of complex documents is made easy with PageSkoler’s ability to handle various types of content, including images, tables, equations, and more.
  • This platform ensures precise and practiced pagination.
  • PageSkoler simplifies the pagination process with its real-time pagination technology, customizable layout options, and user-friendly features.