Adaptive & flexible workflow engine that supports your own processes
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Efficient Engine

Augment Your Book and Journal Workflow

  • Designed to enhance project management and streamline processes, FlowSkoler is an efficient and adaptable workflow engine.
  • FlowSkoler is an ideal solution for organizations, particularly those in the book and journal publishing industry, looking to maximize their workflow and increase productivity.

Customizable Workflows

Streamline Your Processes

  • FlowSkoler is a platform that aims to enhance efficiency and expedite content publication, ultimately enabling users to work more productively.
  • With a customizable workflow setup, FlowSkoler enables users to assign tasks and track progress, providing them with constant visibility on their project status.

Customizable Workflow Engine

Dynamic and Bespoke Workflow Building Platform

  • The unique feature of FlowSkoler lies in its customizable workflow engine, which allows users to construct and manage tailored workflows that align with their specific needs and processes.
  • FlowSkoler makes it easy to set-up, manage, and monitor your work, whether you need a basic workflow for a single project or a more intricate one for multiple projects.

Workflow Optimization

Comprehensive Project Management Platform

  • FlowSkoler provides a comprehensive project management platform, which includes detailed reports and dashboards, to facilitate effective oversight and monitoring.
  • With FlowSkoler, you can track your project’s progress, monitor essential metrics like cycle time and turnaround time, and make informed decisions about optimizing your journal or book workflow for maximum efficiency.

Tracking Capabilities

Data Analysis and Metrics

  • In addition to being a project management platform, FlowSkoler boasts robust data analysis and metric tracking capabilities.
  • Collaborate with FlowSkoler to access an adaptable and versatile workflow engine that can be customized to fit your unique processes, simplifying your publication procedures, increasing productivity, and seamlessly managing your projects.

Why FlowSkoler?

  • Work with FlowSkoler for an adaptable and versatile workflow engine that will cater to your unique processes, making it easier to streamline your publication procedures, enhance productivity, and manage your projects seamlessly.