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References, TextFloats, and OtherFloats Engine

  • Our automated reference engine ensures that all journal standards have been met, including proper formatting of reference lists, citations, cross-checking of references, sequencing, and accuracy checking.
  • Advanced duplication feature ensures that there are no identical references.
  • Automated pre-defined queries to quickly find and rectify common query-related errors.
  • Manages the styles and standards of various parts of the journal with automated conversion feature.
  • Ensures accuracy and compliance of elements like figures, tables, appendix, etc. by meeting the journal style and standards.

Web-Based Publishing Platforms
AI-Powered Editorial Processes

Technical Editing

UK/US Spellings, Punctuations & Numbers

  • The in-built grammar engine of EditSkoler ensures that the journal adheres to the spelling and punctuation conventions of either US or UK.
  • The formatting and styling of SI units, time units, countable items, and other numerical values are performed according to the journal’s specifications throughout the publication.

Content Editing

Section Headings and Abbreviations

  • EditSkoler’s AI algorithms guarantee that all document headings are uniform, clear, and formatted accurately. The system additionally verifies for any irrelevant hierarchy or unnecessary headings and implements appropriate modifications.
  • EditSkoler’s abbreviations module guarantees the uniform and accurate use of author-defined abbreviations in accordance with the journal’s prescribed standards and also checks for available expansions and potential ambiguities.

Scientific Editing

Scientific and Journal Standards

  • The module verifies that the use of manufacturer rules, specific journal requirements, Latin terms, and other relevant elements comply with the stylesheet.
  • This module checks for manufacturer rules, specific journal requirements, Latin terms usage, etc. according to the stylesheet

Language Editing

Inconsistency Checks and Grammar

  • The module is valuable for resolving inconsistencies in hyphens, dashes, capitalization, and formatting resulting in a refined and professional presentation by ensuring consistency throughout the document..
  • Quality content relies on proper grammar, and EditSkoler offers a robust AI-powered algorithm to enhance text quality. Additionally, our platform can integrate third-party grammar applications as requested by clients.