About PubSkoler

A fully evolved partnership between the man and the machine!

Get ready for an intuitive and interactive relationship between human and humanoid that is enhanced by our spectacular platform and technologies such as AI and NLP that augment and expand user interaction like never before.

Providing the publishing industry with our AI-assisted one platform in order to increase efficiency.


Who We Serve


Increased productivity, efficiency and quality by 3x with assured strategy


Enhancing university publishing processes through our suite of products

Production Houses

Rapid and efficiently managed processes, scalable, data-driven, accurate, visibility

Gig Editors

Navigate complexity with confidence. Advance your performance
Who We Serve

AI-assisted one platform with hyper automation as SaaS for publishing research articles

  • ReviewSkoler

    A simplified process of author submission to enable easy structuring of the document, cleaning, validation and an end-to-end review

  • EditSkoler

    NLP score checks, auto edits, XML conversion and many more for utmost productivity and quality-assured copy editing

  • PageSkoler

    On-the-fly pagination with PageSkoler’s brilliant paging engine as well as the easy-to-use layout features

  • ProofSkoler

    Collaborative author proofing gives us the advantage in rapid-multichannel output in a cost- and time-effective way

  • FlowSkoler

    Adaptive & flexible workflow engine that supports your own processes

User Experience Re-imagined...

Cut Corners, Time is Precious

Pub​Skoler actively directs you towards the cutting-edge processes which allows you to publish journals in the fastest and most efficient way, without restrictions

Cost-Effective Operations, Yet Impactful

With less expensive installation and maintenance of multiple tools, PubSkoler helps you save money, time, effort, and most significant of all – helps you succeed!

It's Time to Collobrate

Join forces to plan your content strategy workflow in a defined method to review, structure, revise and deliver as an outstanding publication

PubSkoler Featured

AI–Human Intuition

It is time to extend beyond the notion of AI support into the world of AI & Human connections. Look no more, we provide you with Intermittent, continuous and pro-active processes to improve interaction with technology

Integrated Workflow Engine

An efficient and automated workflow approach to make the flow of data, information, tasks and publishing activities to perform independently and together in perfect alignment with the requirement.

Saas Model

The SaaS model allows you to affordably access high levels of compatibility, service quality, security, accessibility and scalability!

No-Code System

We work on a no-code system with a visual development interface that provides you with improved agility, higher productivity, better management and many more benefits with reduced costs.

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Take a step back and look at the insights Skoler generates, use them to optimize your workflow and scale business.

Security and Integrity

We ensure utmost priority for product and data security all through the workflow, from reviewing to editing to paging to proofing, including support and maintenance

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Block C, 5th Floor, TEMPLE STEPS, 184-187, Anna Salai, Little Mount, Saidapet, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600015

North America 
#71, Hoes Lane, Suite #200, Piscataway NJ 08854, USA

United Kingdom
#37, Broomhill Road, Ilford, Essex IG39SN, London, UK

Middle East
#704, Dubai Towers, Deira, Dubai, UAE

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